Wastewater Systems

Wastewater Systems
Wastewater Systems

TIP TOP Elbe is also a leading supplier in the field of wastewater treatment. We are pleased to assist you in the planning, project development and support of approval procedures, construction and installation, starting-up and maintenance. Of course, we are also ready to assist in selected areas of this extensive range of services, depending on your needs. For rinsing technology calculations and plant dimensioning, we also work with external specialists.

The following services are available in the field of industrial wastewater treatment:

  • sludge dewatering plants
  • batch and continuous feed facilities
  • micro- and ultrafiltration plants
  • reverse-osmosis plants

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us – we are happy to help you in an individual, competent and reliable manner.

We produce in Plastics Construction

  • Wastewater Systems
  • Ion Exchange Plants
  • Pre-Treatment Facilities
  • Exhaust Air Facilities
  • Spray Levels, Screen Baskets
  • Pipeline Construction and Installation
  • Double-Walled Pipelines
  • Double-Walled Pump Sump
  • Construction of Vessels
  • Installation Engineering
  • Environmental Technology
  • Disassembly and Reassembly of Industrial Facilities