Construction of Vessels


We offer a wide range of vessels worldwide. Our designs and constructions comply with current international standards, guidelines and approvals.

We are happy to develop a custom-made product upon request and take care of transportation and on-site installation. The disassembly and reassembly of existing facilities are also areas of expertise for our company.

The following vessels are available:

  • made of thermoplastics PE 100, PP-H, PVC, PVDF
  • special and process vessels
  • subsequent lining (even double-walled) with monitoring system
  • processing plants
  • as storage tanks for chemicals with filling station
  • as flat-bottom vessels
  • as rectangular tanks
  • collection basins and basin linings in all sizes
  • PE windable pipes, approval Z.40.21.181
  • PE plate vessels, approval Z.40.21.62
  • GFRP with liner
  • as reactor for your wastewater treatment facility
  • as working tank in your galvanising or pickling facility
  • special solutions for the food industry


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